E-commerce means many things to many people. The definition in payment processing is “any transaction sent through the internet.”

E-commerce is no longer considered the high risk it once was by the payment processing industry. Today, several products have been designed to address risk concerns while simultaneously improving processes.

Not every merchant is eligible for an All Card Processing E-commerce solution. Card associations restrict merchant types who face serious risk issues*. Rather than place a merchant at risk, we will advise them against accepting card payments through the internet.

Is your Internet processing PCI Compliant?

Secure communication of card numbers is mandatory. It is strongly recommended that you review your current software to guarantee it meets the newest requirements.

Should you find that your current product is not certified, it is critical to upgrade your software immediately. All Card Processing is committed to helping you identify the least expensive alternative for your needs.

All software available with low pricing

You have choices in software, and your choice is dictated by your planned use. There is no reason to buy software with bells and whistles you will never use.

At All Card Processing, we examine your usage and your business plan, to make key recommendations for your success. Our solutions are cost-effective as we utilize all available resources – even those outside our business. If we cannot provide you with the lowest cost, we will encourage you to obtain the best service for you. We want to be your payment processor, and will help you obtain the elements you need to efficiently process transactions.

24/7 PC help desk

All Card Processing is proud to offer industry-leading customer service and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This proves to be especially beneficial during emergencies, critical late nights, & holidays.

* We comply with all MasterCard/Visa Rules and Regulations and the following is a list of restricted industry types: Adult, drug paraphernalia, alcohol and tobacco products.