All Card Processing offers various corporate partnership programs.

Bank Referrals

All Card Processing offers this program to financial institutions that prefer not to deal with the credit card processing world, but have clients that they would like to refer to a company who provides the best pricing and best service. We also provide solutions for financial institutions who are limited as to the types of merchant accounts they can sign – especially when approached by a business type that is new or out of the bank’s traditional scope. To compensate for referrals, we offer each financial institution the unique choice of being paid a one time referral fee or establishing an individual revenue sharing program, for each approved account.

Portfolio Buy-Outs

If it’s time for you to get out of the credit card processing industry, All Card Processing is interested in purchasing your portfolio. For this type of negotiation, we would be happy to review your company’s residual reporting with your current bank to determine the details of the portfolio, including the current pricing structure of merchant accounts.

* American Express may require separate approval